Feedback Dashboard: Tips and Best Practices

The Feedback Dashboard has everything you need to manage and analyze client feedback.

Keep your whole team on task and up to date

  • Assign review responsibility to specific users so responsibility for responding to the client is clear.
  • Add followers to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Any time a review changes, all followers are automatically notified.
  • Status icons allow you to mark reviews with a single click so your team knows how each review is progressing.
  • Add custom tags to highlight key terms. These tags can also be used as filters for reviews later.

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Use Response Templates for Faster Responses

Scroll Trends & Metrics Graphs to see more data

  • Graphs on the Trends & Metrics page show a maximum of 6 months at a time. If you’re working with larger date ranges, click and drag the graphs to scroll the visible range.

Dive Deeper with Sentiment Analysis

  • Venga uses IBM’s Watson to analyze every word of every review and provides sentiment grades for the categories most impacting your business: Services, Staff, Facilities, Equipment, and Value.
  • Click a grade in the Sentiment table to display the category detail.
  • Click a word in the category detail to display the full text of any client feedback that contains the word.  

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