Campaigns: Tips and Best Practices

The Campaigns tab is the central hub for all your Venga controlled marketing campaigns. Continue reading for tips on getting the most out of the available features.

Send The Right Campaign At The Right Time

  • Campaign Builder is loaded with different types of campaigns, perfect for reaching out to clients at any point in their journey.
  • Campaigns can be sent as a One Time Blast or as an Ongoing Daily Campaign. Triggers can be configured so messages are sent to the right clients at exactly the right time.

Learn More: Create and Manage Campaigns

Send Campaigns Based On Client Preference

  • Choose Client’s Preferred Method in Send Details when creating a campaign to ensure clients receive messages by their preferred method.

Manage Campaigns From Campaign Manager

  • Click the three dots to the right of any campaign to open the campaign menu.
    • Click Activate or Deactivate to change whether an ongoing campaign sends.
    •  Click Edit Campaign to open Campaign Builder and make changes to the campaign’s send settings.
    • Click Duplicate to duplicate the campaign at one or more sites you are able to access.

Learn More: Create and Manage Campaigns

Filter The Display to See Only Relevant Campaigns

  • Use the Filters Box at the top of Campaign Manager to filter which campaigns are displayed in the list.
  • The campaign summary updates automatically to the filter settings.

Click a Campaign to See More Detail

  • Click the name of a campaign in Campaign Manager to open the Campaign Detail Page.
  • The detail page for all campaigns displays Send, Purchase, and Booking statistics for the campaign. 

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