Product Release Notes 3.2018

New Features

CTA Buttons as Action Links

  • Users can now insert CTA buttons with customized labels anywhere within a campaign using the Insert Link/Button option in the new Message Builder. Buttons will always be centered.

Separate SMS and Email Text

  • Create and send separate custom email and SMS messages for a single campaign. SMS vs. Email options will appear depending on what campaign send type is selected (i.e. if it's email only, users will not see an SMS box).

Campaign Builder Rich Text Editing

  • Stylize text, insert links, create custom buttons, and add message images using the new message styling tools in Message Builder.

Client Search & Client Profiles

  • Client Profiles are now accessible from the new Client Search tab, as well as in the Review Management tool. Search clients by name, email, or phone number to display a list of matching clients. Client Profiles provide a full history of visits, communications received, and reviews left. They also provide high level intel such as total visits, active packages, and home location.

Review Profile Modal

  • Easily display referenced review in a pop-up modal when interacting with other parts of the dashboard that refer to reviews.

Analytics Retention Tab

  • The dashboard has a new analytics tab that tracks how many first time clients studios are converting to members. 

Feature Improvements

Full Month Included in Analytics

  • When we display monthly data over an extended period of time, data for the last month included in the set will more accurately contain data points for the full month instead of the balance of the month (i.e. if it was a full year, the April 2017 data point would include data for all of April instead of April 18th-end of April as it previously did).

Last Minute Openings Default Settings Update

  • The Last Minute Opening default settings have been changed such that we do not send to clients who have visited today or in the past 3 days and are not booked for any future classes today or in the next 3 days.

Dashboard Style Updates

  • The dashboard display has been updated to reflect Venga's styling and colors.

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