Product Release Notes 4.2018

New Features

Campaign Detail Page

  • Campaigns now have campaign detail pages that users can click into that replace the modals that were displayed previously. These detail pages include in depth stats on campaign performance, send stats, and client campaign activity such as bookings and referrals.

Custom Link Colors in Email Builder

  • The email designer tool now allows users to set a custom color to be used for links in each template.

Campaign Linking to Create Campaign Sets

  • "Users can link multiple campaigns together using Campaign Sets. This enables you to easily organize your campaign manager results for related campaigns.

HTML in Template Footer

  • Users can now add customized footer text to the bottom of their email templates. This text can be styled with images, links, and more to create a special message that's tagged onto all campaigns. This is great for app download requests, loyalty program links, and more!

Studio Branding for Links Shared on Social Media

  • When a client shares a link on social media for a page you created through Venga (e.g. referral links), the link preview will display branded information with your chosen logo, the title of the page and your studio, and a text blurb summarizing the information on the page.

Feature Improvements

Youtube Links in Email Templates

  • If you have a YouTube channel and would like to promote it in your campaigns, you can now add a YouTube icon in your email template that will link directly to your channel.

Campaign Manager Display Update for Multi-Site Campaigns

  • In the Campaign Manager table, campaigns that send to >2 locations display as [ # locations ] and when hovering over the [ # locations ] a tooltip lists all individual sites selected for that campaign.

Create a Campaign Display Reorganization

  • The campaign selector page has been re-organized and displayed in three categories: client campaigns, group campaigns and class campaigns. 

Email Template Association Update

  • You can now create an unlimited number of email templates, and they do no longer have to be tied to one specific location.

Instructor Feedback Report

  • "The Instructor Feedback Report is Automatically sent every morning to each instructor and includes the reviews about their classes received the previous day. Can be configured to hide the clients name who submitted the feedback. One report is sent for each instructor that received at least one review from the previous day. Reports are sent individually to the instructor's email address from MBO.

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