Product Release Notes 6.22.2018

New Features

Helpscout Move Integration

  • Introduce the HelpScout beacon to the Move dashboard, which allows users to submit support requests and search the knowledge base.

Staff Tab

  • There is now a Staff Tab in the Move dashboard that provides instructor specific performance. This also introduces the Staff Modal, which is accessible through other areas of the dashboard such as Reviews and Client Profiles.

Feature Improvements

[instructor_name] Placeholder

  • Instructor name is now available as a placeholder in the following campaigns: automated-reminders, post-class survey, last minute openings. The New Client campaign already provided use of the instructor placeholder.

Cohort Campaign Past Class Selection

  • The Cohort Class Selection now includes all classes from the last 365 days, allowing for a greater selection of past classes to target clients with.

Multiple Location Class Alerts

  • Users can select more than one location and class to send Class Alerts for. The location name has been added to existing classes in the Class Selection tool so users can identify which site a class is for, and can also now select more than one location (previously users could only select one site at a time).

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