Product Release Notes 7.18.18

New Features

Purchase Credits Through Campaigns

  • Provide Studios the ability to offer special purchases for clients through any campaign on the dashboard. Users can set a discount amount and a package type to offer to clients, which is provided through a link and a landing page for clients to purchase. We can purchase the package using account information on file, or we can direct the user to enter payment information into their MBO account to then purchase from the Venga landing page. Purchases at the discounted rate can only be redeemed once, and expire after a set number of days.

Newsletter Campaign

  • Send Newsletters/e-blast campaigns from the Venga dashboard. Users can send to all clients in their database or filter based on member type, etc. 

Campaign Future Sends

  • All one-time campaigns can be scheduled to be sent at any point in the future.

Feature Improvements

Limit Time Frame in Cohort Campaigns

  • Users can now send recurring Cohort campaigns after clients have made a certain number of visits within a timeframe. This allows users to send campaigns such as targeting clients who have visited using ClassPass 4 times in the last 6 weeks. It also allows users to set a limit on the number of times they receive a campaigns (such as only send a ClassPass upgrade reminder to a client a maximum of 4 times ever).

Recipients Button in Campaign Detail

  • From the Campaign Detail page, users can view the Recipients of each campaign in a modal window broken down by Received, Opened, and Clicked.

Add a CC to Campaigns

  • Next to the Campaign Summary a link for "Advanced Send Options" is available. This will allow users to CC themselves or others on each email campaign. Users are limited to being CC'd on up to 100 emails from a campaign per day (this is to prevent overload of emails in case a campaign sends hundreds or thousands at once).

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