Product Release Notes 8.7.18

New Features

Report Builder

  • Build custom reports of clients based on specific parameters. Reports can be sent to your email once, configured as a recurring report, or exported to an email service provider.

Manage Communication Preferences from Client Profile

  • Allow clients to totally unsubscribe from campaigns, and allow admin to track what campaigns were unsubscribed from. Also allow admins to change preferences when clients ask them.

Feature Updates

Duplicate Email Templates

  • Duplicate an existing email template from either the template page or the Email Templates Menu.

Duplicate Campaigns

  • Duplicate an existing campaign from Campaign Manager or the Edit Campaign screen

Campaign Filter Updates

  • All campaigns now contain an Age filter and a Gender filter. 

Preclass Report Update

  • Additional information in the preclass report, including previous reviews, package information, and profile photos

Contract Retention Graph

  • New graph in the Retention tab displaying the percentage of clients retaining active contracts.

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