Product Release Notes 8.30.2018

New Features

Referrals Tab

  • Boost and Build now contain a Referrals Tab. The Program Settings, Performance, and Reward Center sub-tabs allow users to configure settings, track ROI, and manage earned and redeemed rewards for Venga Referral programs.

Campaign Preview

  • The Preview Campaign link in the Messaging & Template section of campaign builder allows users to quickly toggle between the edit window and a preview of what email campaign recipients will see in their inboxes.

Feature Improvements

Updated Campaign Manager Display

  • Campaign Manager has been refreshed, and now includes campaign send results as well as added support for managing campaign sets. Campaigns in a set are grouped by set, and send and spend information is available for individual campaigns as well as the campaign set as a whole.

Churned Clients Graph

  • The Client Retention Graph has been renamed to Churned clients and contains more information about the information displayed. The graph description has been updated to be more clear, and hovering on a data point displays information on what the data point represents.

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