Product Release Notes 9.30.2018

New Features

Upload Custom Recipients Lists to Newsletter Campaigns

  • The option to upload a csv of recipients to include with the audience is now available in the audience section of newsletter campaigns. Uploaded lists are used in addition to clients who fit the audience criteria. 

Feature Improvements

Additional Campaign Information on the Create a Campaign Page

  • The Create a Campaign landing page now contain helpful icons to indicate whether campaigns can be sent as a One Time Blast or as Recurring automated daily campaigns.

Improved Report Builder

  • Report Builder's display has been updated to be more clear and easy to use, including more clearly labeled save and export buttons, as well as an improved report details display.

New User Setup Password Flow

  • New users will now automatically receive an email inviting them to set up their password. This replaces the previous method of manual password entry. 

Include ClassPass Reviews in Review Summary

  • Classpass has been added as a source in the review summary, Ratings By Source display. The display contains the total number of reviews and average review score for the filtered period.

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