Product Release Notes 12.10.2018

New Features

Campaign Image Uploader

  • Upload images directly to your library to be used in campaigns. Upload images by clicking the image button in the Messaging & Template section of campaign builder. Photos stay in your library and can be used again in future campaigns.

Client SMS Messenger

  • Client messenger (in the Clients tab) allows studio clients to respond to direct messages and SMS campaigns, and allows studios to respond and initiate SMS conversations with their clients.

Feature Improvements

Mark Reviews Invalid

  • Remove invalid reviews from the Venga dashboard using the Mark Invalid button in the review detail. Invalid reviews will no longer display or be used in feedback analysis. 

Report Builder Display Updates

  • Report export icons and report creation messages have been updated for added clarity. 

Minimum Number of Visits Option in Report Builder

  • The visits section of report builder now contains a minimum number of visits option, allowing clients to limit the report to clients who have completed the set number of visits. 

Updated Referral Campaign Settings

  • Referral Campaign Rewards for the referring client have the option to be customized so that rewards are only received when a minimum number of referred clients have either taken a set number of classes, or spent a set dollar amount at the studio. 

Updated Milestone Campaign Settings

  • Milestone campaigns can now be limited to visits within a specific time frame chosen by the studio in the campaign audience section. 

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