Activate Your Pre-loaded Campaigns

Your Venga service comes pre-loaded with several campaign sets that will help get you off on the right foot. The pre-loaded sets are groups of campaigns that will help you accomplish goals like converting ClassPass users to members, and making sure new clients keep coming back. Below you’ll find more details on each campaign and who it targets.

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New Client Drip Campaign Set
ClassPass Conversion Campaign Set
We Miss You Campaign Set
Milestone and Referral Campaign Set

New Client Drip Campaign Set

The new client drip campaign set contains four campaigns, with the goal of converting first time clients to paying members.

First Class Follow Up - with intro offer (new client)

It starts with a new client campaign to welcome new visitors.

  • We suggest configuring the campaign Audience page so messages are sent after a client’s first visit to thank them for trying out your studio. Learn More about the other configuration options for New Client campaigns.
  • Draft your welcome message and include an offer for new clients with the Special Offer button to get them in for that second visit. See the preloaded message for a great example.

Intro offer follow up with package offer (package)

The next campaign in the set is a package campaign, to remind clients who purchased your intro offer that their package is about to run out.

  • On the Audience page, select the Specific Package button and chose the package you chose in the previous campaign from the menu. Choose when to trigger the message to send. You can use remaining credits or package expiration date for the trigger.
  • Take a look at the preloaded message to see an example of how to add another offer to direct clients to make the next package leap.

Intro offer follow up (milestone)

Make sure your new clients know their progress is important to you. The intro offer follow up Milestone campaign is triggered when a new client completes a set number of classes and lets them know you’re as invested in their fitness goals as they are.

  • Choose the package from your Intro Offer follow up with package offer campaign in the Package Type filter and set your milestone visit threshold.
  • This message will only go to clients who already committed to your studio by purchasing your previously offered package, so it is a great time to offer them a membership. Create an offer in the campaign message for a full membership to give clients an easy way to purchase right from the message.

Membership Check-in (Milestone)

Don’t lose sight of your clients’ progress after they become members. Finish off your new client drip campaign set with a second Milestone campaign sent only to members.

  • Filter the campaign to send only to members in the filters bar and choose the class number you would like to be your milestone.
  • Include a message recognizing the client for being a valuable member of your studio family.

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ClassPass Conversion Set

The ClassPass Conversion set automatically recognizes when a client is making return ClassPass visits and sends them offers for studio packages, with the final goal of converting clients who first visited using ClassPass into paid members of your studio.

First Class Follow Up (New Client)

Send clients who visit you for the first time using ClassPass a thank you message.

  • Select ClassPass from the Package Type filter to segment only those clients visiting with ClassPass. Set the visit threshold to send after their first visit.
  • Draft a thank you message. We recommend simply extending a thank you for visiting after the first visit. Check out the pre-loaded campaign message for an example.

ClassPass milestone with offer - after several visits using ClassPass (Milestone)

Clients who have made multiple visits to your studio using ClassPass are telling you they like the experience. Invite them to purchase one of your packages to start them on the road to becoming a member.

  • Select ClassPass from the Package Type filter. Set the visit threshold to specify how many ClassPass visits a client must make before they receive the message (We suggest sending after the third visit).
  • Use the campaign message to remind clients that not all of your classes are offered on ClassPass. Include a special offer using the Insert Offer button to incentivize recipients to take advantage of all of your class offerings at a special discounted rate.
    Tip: Create a Classpass visitor package in MindBody so you can use it as a trigger in the final campaign of this set.

Membership deal (package)

You’ve succeeded in winning over a client who visited for the first time using ClassPass and gotten them to purchase a package. Show those clients what they’re missing out on by not being members, and offer them a membership special to give them that last nudge.

  • Select the package offered in the previous campaign in the Package Type filter to target the campaign at clients who purchased your ClassPass special.
  • Highlight all of the benefits that come with membership at your studio in your campaign message and offer a special discounted membership to seal the deal.

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We Miss You Campaign Set

Stagger a set of We Miss You campaigns to periodically send clients who have stopped visiting a special offer to come back. Using multiple We Miss You campaigns lets you increase your offer as more time passes between visits, making sure you don’t offer too small a discount and lose sales, or offer to large a discount and leave money on the table. Any time a client returns to the studio, they will automatically drop off the recipients list for remaining campaigns in the set so they'll never know there was another offer coming.


With the first campaign, offer a small discount to incentivize clients who were thinking of returning to go ahead and make that purchase.

  • Use the Lapsed Guests table on the Segmentation page of the Analytics tab to determine when most clients begin to lapse and set the visit threshold to send at that point.
  • In your first message, offer clients a modest discount for a package. Anyone who makes a purchase will no longer be eligible for subsequent We Miss You campaigns in the set, and clients who need a deeper discount will get another nudge with the next campaign.


Follow your first We Miss You campaign up with another message to clients who still have not returned. Increase your offer discount to capture those clients for whom the first deal wasn’t quite enough.

  • Set the audience section to send the campaign after a short time has passed since the client received WMY 1.
  • Change up your we miss you messaging and increase your offered discount for extra incentive to return.


Send a third We Miss You Campaign with your final offer, to bring in those remaining clients who haven’t purchased as a result of your first two campaigns

  • Stagger the third campaign to send shortly after your second campaign (Make sure to leave some time between campaigns to prevent marketing fatigue).
  • Change your message and offer the deepest discount you’re comfortable with for that last push to bring in lapsed clients.

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Milestone & Referral Campaign Set

Word of mouth is still a great way to win new clients. The Milestone & Referral Campaign Set reinforces your relationships with your existing clients and invites them to share their experience with friends and colleagues.

First Milestone

Before you ask for a referral you want to build a relationship with your clients. Let them know you’re rooting for them with a Milestone campaign.

  • Set the visit threshold to send the campaign after a few visits to give clients extra encouragement as they start their journey with you.
  • Congratulate clients for hitting the milestone. Use placeholders to personalize messages with client and location names.

Referral 1

Working out is more fun with a friend. The first referral campaign invites your clients to refer their friends and colleagues.

  • Set the visit threshold for a few visits after your First Milestone campaign sends to space out your communications.
  • Include a special offer for referring or referred clients (or both!) in your campaign to sweeten the deal.

Second Milestone

The Second Milestone campaign helps you keep growing your relationship with your existing clients.

  • Make sure to space out your visit threshold for the second milestone to message clients after they have received your referral campaign.
  • Let clients know you’re still committed to your their wellness and congratulate them for keeping up with their fitness goals.

Referral 2

The second referral campaign serves as a reminder to clients that they can always refer friends to get great rewards.

  • Set the visit threshold to send the campaign after clients have received the second milestone campaign.
  • Keep the same message, or change up your language a bit to distinguish the two campaigns.

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