Product Release Notes 1.14.19

New Features

Automated Campaign Sets

  • New Move client accounts come pre-loaded with fifteen campaigns arranged into four sets, for targeting new clients, ClassPass users, lapsed guests, and client referrals. 

Feature Improvements

Custom Dates for We Miss You Campaigns

  • Clients are now able to select a specific start date and end date to create a custom date range for one time blast We Miss You campaigns. Clients can also set custom ranges for the last visit and max look back filters in automated daily We Miss You campaigns.

Default Referral Program "Send From" Details

  • Add a send from name and send from email address on the Program Settings page of the Referrals tab to personalize the communications clients receive when associates sign up using their referral link. 

Max Visit Filter for New Client Campaigns

  • Exclude clients from New Client campaign audiences by setting a max visit threshold. Clients who have completed more visits than the allowed threshold will not be eligible for the campaign.

All Site Access for Users

  • Give users access to all affiliated sites using the new "All Sites" check box in the user profile. Users with the box checked are also automatically given access to any new sites you add.

Password Reset Link Workflow

  • The workflow for requesting a new password setup link has been changed, allowing users with expired links to immediately request a new link.

NPS Survey Question Display

  • The NPS survey question has been updated with clearly labeled radio button options and an adaptive display.

Mobile Friendly Nav Bar

  • The navigation menu is now optimized for mobile, giving users easier access to the Move dashboard from tablets and smart phones. 

Deactivate Survey Questions

  • The option to disable or delete survey questions for client and Post-class surveys has been reenabled. 

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