Product Release Notes 2.6.2019

New Features

Billing Portal

  • The move settings menu now has a Billing & Payments portal, allowing Move users to view and modify their payment information, as well as upgrade their plan type with just a few clicks. 

Feature Improvements

Test Email, Multiple recipient formatting

  • Update to the campaign test email, email address entry blank, allowing users to separate emails with a comma and a space or just a comma. 

Sponsored Add Configuration

  • Update to the sponsored ad creation workflow allowing ads to be edited and enabled/disabled, providing flexibility when creating ad sets.
  • Add the ability to display sponsored content in both the header and footer of sponsored emails. 

Purchase Receipt "send from" details

  • Update to the purchase receipt send details to use the send name and email address information used in the campaign.

Campaign Offer Modal Package Sort

  • The sort order of available packages in the campaign offer modal has been updated to list packages in alphabetical order by default.

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