Product Release Notes 2.22.2019

Feature Improvements

SMS Send Tracking

  • Update to the campaign manager header to display the number of SMS sent so far in the billing period. 

SMS Max Send Threshold

  • Backstop to prevent a SMS campaign from sending if it would exceed 1000 recipients, or exceed the client's max monthly send limit. Includes measured to return the campaign to draft status and alerts to Venga's support team.

Store Unreachable Phone Numbers

  • Internal update to store unreachable phone numbers to prevent future attempts to send to those numbers. Numbers that are unreachable display with an "unreachable" icon in the client profile.

Image Uploader Improvements

  • Improvements to the Image library and image insert workflow, including library thumbnails, the option to delete existing images.

Send Newsletters to Custom Lists Only

  • Update to the Newsletter Audience section allowing users to select the option to only use emails from an uploaded list for the campaign.

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