Product Release Notes 3.15.19

New Features

Cross-site Campaign and Template Duplication

  • Users with access to multiple MindBody sites in their Venga account can now duplicate campaigns, campaign sets, and email templates across sites. 

Report Builder Export to Campaigns

  • Users can now create client lists in report builder and export them automatically to existing campaigns that support uploaded custom recipient lists.

Dashboard Personalization

  • Added personalization includes displaying the user's name, title, and photo.

Standardized Dashboard Page Titles

  • The browser tab title for each dashboard page has been updated to follow a set taxonomy that provides more clarity and structure. 

Feature Improvements

Unread SMS Display

  • Unread SMS in the conversations list on the Messenger page have additional indicators, including a conversation highlight in grey, and an orange unread message notification badge displaying the total number of unread messages in the conversation. 

Pre-populate Send From Details in Campaign Builder

  • When a template is chosen in the Messaging & Template section of campaign builder, the send from name and send from email address from the template automatically populate in their respective blanks, removing the need to add them again.

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