Product Release Notes 6.3.19

New Features

Birthday Campaign

  • Celebrate with your clients! Create a birthday campaign and your clients will receive a custom message from you shortly before their birthday.

Feature Improvements

Class Reminder Date Placeholder

  • Use the new [class_date] placeholder to make sure there is no confusion about which class the reminder refers to.

Automatically Set First Email Template Created as the Default Template

  • The first template created within a site is now automatically set as the default template. Users can change which template is default in the Email Templates menu.

Package Filter Limit

  • The maximum number of packages that can be selected in the campaign audience page Packages filter has been raised to 50. 

UI Display Alignment

  • UI display updates to better align text and radio buttons across the product.

Campaign Manager Load Time

  • Update to the Campaign Manager URL loading process.

Staff Profile Names and Photos

  • Staff profiles now contain the instructor's name and MindBody photo (if available), making it clear which instructor's info you are viewing. 

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