Product Release Notes 8.13.2019

Feature Improvements

Copy Recipients Lists When Duplicating Campaigns

  • Update to campaign duplication that allows users to include uploaded custom recipient lists when they are duplicating one time send campaigns.

Display Client SMS Numbers

  • Users can now easily see what numbers their SMS are coming from with the addition of site phone numbers to the dashboard Messenger page.

Spend Filter for Referral Program Rewards

  • Venga referral programs have a new client reward option. Users can now restrict referring clients from receiving the referral reward until the new client has spent a set amount in purchases. 

Display Class Information for ClassPass Reviews

  • Update to the display for ClassPass reviews to include the class name and class instructor referenced in the review.

Display Unique Clicks for SMS Campaigns

  • Users can now see the names of individual campaign recipients who have clicked a link in an SMS campaign in the recipients modal.

Flexible CSV Uploads

  • There is more flexibility for uploaded custom campaign recipient lists, giving users more options and room for error when creating and uploading lists.

Email Message Justification

  • Users can now adjust the justification of message text, images, links, and buttons using the justification buttons in the message creation window header.

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