Configure and Use a Referral Program

Referrals are a great way to reward your clients for referring friends and colleagues. Set up a referral program to give your clients an easy to share link that will automatically log client referrals.

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Configure A Referral Program
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How a Referral Program Works

  • An existing client uses the Referral Link Portal to create a personal Referral Link.
  • The client shares the link with interested friends and colleagues.
  • The referred friend uses the Referral Link to sign up at your studio.
  • The referring clients and/or the referred client receive rewards (optional).

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Configure A Referral Program

The URL for the Referral Link Portal is created automatically and cannot be changed. Customize the referral program with a custom referral link prefix, messaging, and rewards.

To set up a Referral Program:

  1. Click Referrals and select Program Settings.
  2. Create Rewards for the referring and/or referred clients (optional).
  3. Create an Intro Message for the referral portal.
  4. Add a Referral Link Prefix (optional).
  5. Add a send from name and send from email.

Click Referrals and select Program Settings.


Create Rewards for the referring and/or referred clients (optional) and click Save.


Create an Intro message that will be displayed at the top of the referral portal. Click Save.


Add a referral link prefix (Optional). This option customizes referral links with the prefix of your choice. (Ex: a prefix of "venga" would result in links like Click Save.


Add a send from name and send from email. This is the information that will be used when clients receive email messages related to your referral program. Click Save.

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Use The Referral Link Portal

Once the referral program has been configured, there are several options for marketing the referral program to clients.

  • Link to the referral portal from your website. Tip: Create an easy to remember url such as and set it to automatically redirect to the referral portal.
  • Email the link in a Venga Campaign
  • Print the link on printed materials in your studio. Tip: Use a link shortener like or a QR code generator to make linking from printed materials easier.  

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Video Walkthrough

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